Day Two

Sunday, 2 May 2010

My second day has gone well. I actually quite pleased! I went to a baby shower this afternoon with some friends. I was a little worried that there wouldn’t be much for me to eat, but actually there was only one thing on the table with meat in it! There was some yummy looking chicken salad, which I of course opted out for and that’s it- everything else was allowed! I was especially happy to have the cake- it was the best carrot cake I’ve ever had! Delicious!

I’m a little surprised by my energy levels- I was expecting to feel a little sluggish today which I’m not at all. This means that so far I’m getting enough protein- the biggest challenge when eating vegetarian. I know many manage to get enough protein and maintain good energy levels, but I’m expecting my body to have some effects- detoxing or withdrawals have you. This could take days, if at all. We’ll see in the days to come!

Mood: Same as yesterday- happy and positive.

General Feeling: Feeling well today and energy levels are good. I am a bit sleepy, but not more than usual!

Exercise: none :(
Food Journal:
Breakfast: Lazy morning- a bowl of my fave cereal and organic skim milk, coffee
Lunch- No lunch, but snacks at a baby shower- carrots and cucumber with ranch, pasta with broccoli, deviled eggs, apple slices, cake, punch
Dinner- The fam had fish, I had the veggie sides- boiled potatoes, carrots, lima beans, and baked beans
*Snack- apple, popcorn

*Haven’t eaten this yet, but if I have a snack sometime this evening this will be it.



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