Day Six- A New Food

Thursday, 6 May 2010

I discovered something new in my veg box this week! It’s wild garlic and it’s the first I’ve ever seen it. Wild garlic has the same smell and taste as traditional garlic, but on a milder level. If fact, it’s mild enough to toss into salads. It’s actually leaves which are long and look similar to leaves on corn stalks. I have quite a large bag so I’ll be on the lookout this week for ways to use it. Tonight we had spinach pizza so I added it on top and it was delicious- a mild garlic flavor in every bite! I’m thinking wild garlic bread sounds really nice…

wild garlic leaves
shredded and ready for the pizza!

the (slightly over done) finished product

Mood: Happy

General Feeling: More energetic today! A little upset stomach though...maybe the coffee was too strong?

Exercise: Lots of cleaning

Food Journal:
Breakfast: Open egg and cheese sandwich, milk, coffee
Snack: banana, water
Lunch: leftover veggies- peas, potato salad, and peanut butter sandwich for protein
Snack: Cereal bar, water
Dinner- Spinach and garlic pizza, water
*Snack- apple

*Haven’t eaten this yet, but if I have a snack sometime this evening this will be it.


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