Day Five- Will Power Struggle

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

SO I think I have this eating vegetarian eating thing down…unfortunately I don’t have HEALTHY vegetarian eating down. The good thing is I know what to eat; I just have to do it. That’s the hardest part for me- making the right choices. For whatever reason, be it tiredness, lack of time, or lack groceries, I usually opt for the easiest solution to the hunger issue. And this tends to mean the food of choice is less healthy. Solutions for these problems is another post for another time; but the point is I have the ability to make good choices- I just need to use that ability! If only will power was something I had a lot of…

How about you? Do you find it hard to make good food choices?

Mood: sick but energetic, who knew?

General Feeling: Still sick today, but getting better

Exercise: No formal, but cooked and clean enough for it to count!

Food Journal:
Breakfast: Organic strawberry poptart, milk
Lunch- Grilled cheese toastie, fresh blueberries, water
Dinner- Fries, peas, and NO sloppy joe!
Snack- small slice of carrot cake


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